Arco do Cego – Parking Lot

Technical installations in the new surface parking lot

Arco do Cego is one of the best-known neighborhoods in the city of Lisbon, nowadays. Given its privileged location in the heart of the capital, and since the conclusion of the requalification project of the local green space, Arco do Cego has become one of the major areas of human traffic in Lisbon.

In order to favour urban mobility and access to the area by residents, working professionals and tourists, the city Hall of Lisbon announced the construction of a parking lot in Arco do Cego.

Sotécnica participated in the implementation of the project, being responsible for:

  • Electrical installations;
  • HVAC equipment;
  • Hydraulic networks;
  • CFTV systems, security communications and access control;
  • Telecommunications networks and infrastructures;
  • Centralized technical management system;
  • Automatic detection and fire extinguishing system.


Arco do Cego parking lot has a capacity for 218 spots, spread over along three floors.

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