Chernobyl – The final confinement

A new confinement structure in the form of an arch that will cover the current sarcophagus

The arch-shaped confinement consists of about 25.000 tons of metal structure. With 108 meters high, 162 meters wide and 257 meters of span, this arch is large enough to accommodate the stadium of France, the Statue of Liberty, or the footprint of the Eiffel tower. It’s high as a 30-floor building.

Positioned on two concrete beams, the arch will be mounted to the west of the damaged reactor and will slide onto the existing shelter, built in 1986, shortly after the accident. The purpose of this new arch is to:

  • Contain radioactive material
  • Protect the public and workers on-site
  • Protect the previous shelter from damage caused by the harsh climatic conditions of the area.


It will be equipped with equipment and facilities that allow to work on the dismantling of Unit 4, under the safest and most flexible conditions possible, keeping human intervention restricted to the minimum necessary.


Actemium works in this project include:

  • Engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Supply of the control system (SCADA and PLC);
  • Integration of sensors and subsystems;
  • On-site technical support for the installation of the Integrated Control System and the Radiation Monitoring System of the arc.

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