Sotécnica celebrates the World Environment Day

Sótecnica employees move forward with an initiative to reduce energy consumption, demonstrating how 5 minutes without power can make a difference in a building's energy consumption.

05 Jun 2019

On May 29th, Sotécnica’s collaborators moved forward with an initiative to reduce energy consumption in the brand new head office, in Valbom (São Julião do Tojal, Loures). For 5 minutes, Sotécnica’s teams turned off the equipment they use and have around them in their daily lives, namely computers, air conditioners, printers and lighting.

The results of this environmental initiative, collected by the building’s monitoring system, were presented today, June 5th, the Wold Environment Day, and show an extraordinary reduction in the building’s energy consumption over these 5 minutes without electric power.


Chart 1 – Total energy consumed at the São Julião do Tojal’s head office



Chart 2 – Energy consumed by the HVAC system


Although we all recognize the importance of electricity for the daily activity of millions of job activities, it is up to each person to take the most appropriate measures to minimize energy consumption in their daily activities in order to reduce the environmental impact.

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