Brand Stories: Pedro Silva, Technical Assistant (Engineering & Transport Solutions)

Pedro Silva joined our team 33 years ago and today he is a Technical Assistant in Sotécnica's airport operations.

21 Oct 2021

Can you introduce yourself in a few words? What role do you play?

My name is João Pedro Silva, I am 48 years old, and have been working in Sotécnica for the past 33 years. I work based at Lisbon International Airport, as Technical Assistant at Engineering & Transport Solutions at Sotécnica.

2. In your day-to-day, what do you consider to be the main challenge in performing your duties?

The main challenge is planning, because it requires an efficient management of materials, tools, safety equipment and teams.

The selection of more experienced work teams for each of the tasks, to ensure the quality of the work and the fulfillment of the defined goals, without ever forgetting or undervaluing safety and the prevention of any work accidents.

What was the most challenging project you've been involved in?

Over these 33 years, I have been involved in several very challenging projects, including the command and control of lighting platforms/runways at Faro Airport and also at Santa Maria Airport, in Azores, and the execution of networks of structured cabling and fiber optics in the new RTP building, in Lisbon.

However, the project that most impressed me was the reformulation of the commercial and service areas (phase II) at Lisbon International Airport, due to its requirement and complexity in the execution of the work. From the execution of the work in full operation and exercise of the airport and from the commercial areas, to the coordination of teams from various specialties in shifts over 24 hours, to the restrictions on working hours to carry out certain tasks, to the demanding document management in the preparation of work permits in restricted areas of the Airport and very tight deadlines.

It was undoubtedly a great challenge and very rewarding, as the success of this work was based on careful planning, involvement and cooperation of all and all teams. There were risks of accidents, of course, as there are everywhere throughout the activity, but fortunately, there were no accidents at work.

“To prevent accidents at work, there are two factors that I always keep in mind: adequate planning and continuous awareness of the teams"

Pedro Silva Techinal Assistant, Sotécnica

Being Safety one of the main pillars of the company's activity, which factors do you consider the most important at this level, in your daily tasks?

To prevent accidents at work, there are two factors that I always keep in mind: adequate planning, as I mentioned earlier, and continuous awareness of the teams, for the use of protective equipment, for compliance with standards and safety instructions .

Even adopting these attitudes, I am sure that the risk of accidents is not fully eliminated, but it is certainly reduced!

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