Bairro Alto Hotel

Remodeling and expansion project of an historical building

Located in Baixa-Chiado, in the heart of Lisbon, Bairro Alto Hotel first opened the doors to the public in the year 2005, standing out from the beginning by its irreverence, art and luxury service, which make it a pioneer in the concept of luxury boutique hotel in the national panorama.

The building preserves iconic elements from the 18th century architecture, making a perfect intersection between classic style and contemporary style that so well describe the local urban landscape.

In the remodeling and expansion project of the hotel, which started in 2018, Sotécnica participated guaranteeing all the installations at the level of:

  • Electricity;
  • CFTV systems, security communications and access control;
  • Telecommunications networks and infrastructures;
  • Centralized technical management;
  • Hydraulic networks;
  • Automatic fire detection and extinguishing system;
  • HVAC equipment.


Sotécnica is also responsible for the facilities management, ensuring the proper functioning of Bairro Alto Hotel’s infrastructures.

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