We develop and implement innovative solutions for energy efficiency

Sotécnica has made a strong commitment towards the environment sustainability, for the benefit of our planet and the upcoming generations. For that matter, we have to act individually and collectively.

We believe in sustainable growth, promoting the preservation of the environment by adopting practices that respond to climate emergencies.

Our responsibility to the environment is reflected in our people’s awareness and in the initiatives they incorporate into their daily activities, from the application of new technologies to the preservation of biodiversity and the conscious use of natural resources.

As agents for a sustainable economy, we develop solutions in the energy efficiency sectors, mobility and building solutions, in order to protect the environment, preventing pollution and minimizing environmental impacts, in accordance with the nature and scale of its activities, products and services.

We are committed to the Environment preservation




Towards a Sustainable World

As a brand of VINCI Energies, we develop and implement innovative solutions to improve the everyday life of infrastructures and its users, contributing for 3 key priorities:

  • Protect Natural Resources;
  • Recover waste through circular economy;
  • Halve the carbon footprint.

Our main goal is to support our customer’s needs, providing the most suitable energy efficiency solutions and encouraging the adoption of an eco-friendly mindset.