Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

The Sotécnica organization promotes VINCI’s commitments. Together:

  • to design and build
  • respecting ethical principles and human rights
  • for green growth and reducing the environmental footprint
  • towards “zero accidents”
  • in the citizen commitment
  • for diversity and equal opportunities
  • through sustainable professional paths
  • to share the fruits of our performance

As a team, we established the following assumptions in the Quality, Environment and Safety Policy:

  • The satisfaction of Customers and other Stakeholders, identifying and anticipating their needs and expectations;
  • Strict observance of good professional practices, including those resulting from compliance with Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at Work management requirements, satisfying the requirements of the applicable certification standards;
  • Compliance with all applicable compliance obligations and other requirements that Sotécnica subscribes to in this context;
  • Continuous improvement of the management capacity and performance of the Sotécnica organization, in terms of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at Work;
  • Commitment to worker consultation and participation;
  • As an agent of a sustainable economy, develop solutions in the energy efficiency, mobility and buildings sectors, in order to protect the environment, preventing pollution and minimizing environmental impacts, in accordance with the nature and scale of its activities, products and services;
  • Eliminate hazards and reduce risks by providing safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and health conditions for all employees, service providers, subcontractors, customers and visitors;
  • Promoting a culture of risk perception among all employees, which is based on work procedures, individual behavior and the proper management of contingencies and unforeseen events on site and, whenever necessary, stepping back, stopping and thinking, sharing the lessons learned;
  • Motivate, train and qualify all employees, in pursuit of the defined objectives and familiarization with the documentation of the Integrated Management System, namely its Procedures and Instructions;
  • Periodically review the processes, policy, objectives and goals to be achieved to ensure their alignment with the organizational strategic guidelines and the effectiveness of the Integrated Systems Management.

The Sotécnica organization provides its Quality, Environment and Safety policy, whenever requested and through the website www.sotecnica.pt.