Corporate Social Responsibility

Programa VINCI para a Cidadania

“Programa VINCI para a Cidadania” is the result of the collective commitment of several VINCI family companies in Portugal, including Sotécnica.

United by the common desire to contribute to the progress of local communities in their areas of expertise, VINCI Energies Portugal (represented by Sotécnica and Axians), ANA Airports Portugal and Fondation VINCI pour la Cité, have gathered efforts and resources to create a Program that will allow to the broaden individual interventive capacity.

The program translates the commitment of active involvement from these companies towards society, contributing to their socio-economic development, focusing on four major areas of intervention:

  • Access to Employment
  • Inclusive Mobility
  • Integration through housing
  • Building better Communities

We believe that our role are relevant in promoting an inclusive and sustainable future for local communities.

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