Education for the future: Meet United Lisbon International School

Sotecnica in a building solutions project at United Lisbon International School, the new international school that integrates technology in the educational environment.

23 Sep 2020

The most innovative international school in Portugal

United Lisbon International School has already opened doors for a new academic year!

Located in the center of Lisbon, next to Parque das Nações, United Lisbon is a new world-class international school, guided by rigorous standards of excellence, which integrates technology into the educational environment. For the academic year 2020/2021, United Lisbon International School moves forward with an educational offer that gathers students from pre-school (3 years) to middle school (9th grade).

Motivated by its mission – “education that matters tomorrow” – to new generations of students, United Lisbon continuously innovates within the main international curricula, offering high quality training for secondary education diplomas with global recognition, complementing its teaching offer with additional after-class teaching opportunities (for example: music, languages) through United Lisbon Academy.

The construction project for the new school started in January 2020 and relied on Sotécnica’s know-how for the execution of all electrical installations, security systems and telecommunications on campus, which are fundamental to day-to-day school operations.

Education that inspires new generations for a sustainable world

Committed to a formative model inspired and adjusted to the 21st century, United Lisbon International School aims to stimulate students by offering an environment rich in opportunities for personal and academic development, bringing together real world experiences and establishing positive personal relationships in a globalized society, which make a difference in tomorrow’s world.

The educational model of United Lisbon International School is based on the creation of a student-centered learning ecosystem, which gradually introduces relevant skills through guided research, collaborative learning and the continuous integration of technology in teaching, in order to strengthen and personalize the experience learning process for each student.

United Lisbon International School assumes its role for the necessary change in education systems to meet the demands of the 21st century and, at the same time, contributes to a sustainable and egalitarian world. Focusing on the academic and professional success of today’s children, who will be the great leaders of tomorrow’s world, the school seeks to “empower and inspire the young generation for a sustainable world”, opening doors to innovative learning opportunities that allow:

  • Bring education to the world-class institutions in Lisbon;
  • Real experiences in the world of work, through joint projects, monitoring opportunities and internships at start-ups, international organizations and (non) governmental institutions;
  • Teaching on a global scale, using modern technologies, enabling shared learning experiences with students from other parts of the world,
  • Individualized learning, supporting students in developing their passions and goals, as well as their individual needs and student profile.

Images: United Lisbon International School

Building Solutions

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