Energy efficiency: a new “foundation” for buildings

Sotécnica installed a solar power plant on the rooftop of its new headquarters building, in Loures.

18 Feb 2020

Energy efficiency: a new “foundation” for buildings

Reinforcing its commitment to the progressive increase in productivity and energy efficiency, Sotécnica installed a solar power plant on the rooftop of its new headquarters’ building, in São Julião do Tojal (Loures). This photovoltaic installation comprises approximately 50kW in modules of national manufacture, capable of generating an annual energy production of around 65MWh(!).

The plant will allow a significant reduction in the consumption of energy from the public grid by Sotécnica during the solar period, as well as the costs associated with energy consumption, focusing, on the other hand, on the production of electricity for self-consumption, without prejudice to the excess energy produced being injected into the public grid.

Thanks to the generation of electricity for self-consumption, this solution guarantees greater efficiency in terms of energy consumption, reducing electricity costs in the day-to-day operations of the organization, whose return on investment is expected in a maximum period of 5 years.


Solar power plant: is it worth the investment?

In addition to all the benefits that the sun represents for ecosystems, the sun is an inexhaustible source of renewable energy – and Portugal is one of the countries in Europe that benefits the most from solar radiation! Despite the (very) favorable conditions for the use of solar energy, Portugal continues to not fully exploit the potential of this resource…

Investing on a solar power plant allows the production of electric energy that can be reused for self-consumption and, at best, for sharing in the public grid.

In addition to the increase in the energy performance of the installations through the optimized management of electrical energy, the investment on a photovoltaic plant allows the organization to make its strong contribution in favor of environmental sustainability by reducing CO2 emissions through electrical energy.

Solar Energy Solutions

As an agent for the energy transition, Sotécnica also offers renewable energy solutions for the photovoltaic area, being present in the C&I (Commercial & Industrial) segment, with the design and installation of self-consumption system and, in the Utility Scale segment from customers that develop projects to sell to the public grid.

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