André Parente returns to ISEP for Power Systems Day

André Parente, Executive Director for Sotécnica and VINCI Energies Portugal, returned to Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP) to share his professional experience with this year's finalists.

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25 July 2022

André Parente returns to ISEP for Power Systems Day

The Power Systems Day of Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP) took place on the university’s campus, last 22nd of July. Organized by the university’s Department of Electrical Engineering, this event takes place at the end of each academic year, on the same date that the finalist students of the Electrical Engineering course present their master’s thesis.

Marks the transition moment of the finalist students from the academic reality to the professional world, the Power Systems Days is a meeting that brings together students and alumni with a significant journey in the labour market, with the aim of sharing experiences and inspiring the professionals and leaders of tomorrow.

In this year’s edition of Power Systems Day, André Parente, Executive Director of Sotécnica and VINCI Energies Portugal and former ISEP graduated student in Electrical Engineering, was one of the guest speakers, accompanied by Paulino Ferreira, Business Unit Manager of Longo Plano. In a session dedicated to the sharing of professional experiences through the voice of former students, André Parente shared his professional career, both in the Portuguese market and in an international environment, with the next generation of electrical engineering professionals.

Today, as finalists, you are finishing one of the many successful stages ahead. Success is the sum of the small efforts repeated every day. It is important to remember this in the next step. We will be delighted to welcome you to VINCI Energies Portugal and to be part of your success!
André Parente – Executive Director

Alexandre Pascoal from E-Redes and Ana Rocha from WEB Eindhoven, also former ISEP students, also joined this session to share their experience in the labour market.

In addition to Sotécnica and VINCI Energies Portugal, the event, which marks the transition from the academic world to the labour world for many engineering students in Porto, had the representation of other major players in the market, such as EDP, Efacec, Proef or Finerge.

To Professors António Gomes and Sergio Ramos, our thanks for inviting us to participate in Power Systems Day 2022.