Brand Stories: Carlos Rosário, Business Unit Manager (Electrical Switchboard Solutions)

Carlos Rosário has been with Sotécnica since July 2009 and is the Business Unit Manager at Electrical Switchboard Solutons.

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13 April 2023

Brand Stories: Carlos Rosário, Business Unit Manager (Electrical Switchboard Solutions)

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Carlos Rosário, I am 52 years old and I joined Sotécnica in July 2009. I work as Business Unit Manager at Electrical Switchboard Solutions (ESS).

How did you start your activity at Sotécnica?

I started my activity as head of Sotécnica’s manufacturing area, where I continue to this day. Our main axis of activity is the assembly and electrification of electrical switchboards, mainly distribution, control and automation, HVAC, and drawer switchboards, but also with two other important sectors that are locksmithing and painting.

What has changed in the company since the moment of your admission until today?

The company has undergone several transformations over the last few years, both in terms of human resources and business policies.

The almost complete replacement of the company’s management, mainly due to retirement, but also of several employees with a very long tenure at Sotécnica, implied an adaptation of the entire company to new governance models, but also the dynamics of VINCI and its programs and goals with particular assertiveness with regard to safety, digital transformation and the environment.

The expansion of VINCI in Portugal in areas other than those in which Sotécnica operated, and the growth of Sotécnica itself, provided new knowledge and challenges, giving us a wider range that allows us today to be completer and more comprehensive, offering a greater capacity and diversity of solutions to our customers.

As a result of the transformation of our society, the lack of manpower has made the company, which has always been known as a training company, rethink new models so that in the current context it can continue to train its employees, ensuring the future of the organization while preserving its values.

The growth of VINCI in Portugal, in areas different from those in which Sotécnica operated and the growth of its own, […] giving us a greater breadth that allows us to be more complete and comprehensive today, offering more capacity and diversity of solutions to our customers.
Carlos Rosário – Business Unit Manager (ESS)

What do you consider to be Sotécnica’s greatest contribution to the planet’s sustainability?

Sotécnica’s greatest contribution in this area is the applicability of its management policies, which, across all its areas, include measures for environmental protection, not just acting at the level of a process, a business or a part of its group of interest.

The success for the sustainability of everything lies in people, and this has been a point that the company has been persistently working for some years now to raise awareness and changes to our behavior, instilling in us that, more than a concern, the planet’s sustainability is everyone’s responsibility.

By encouraging investment in equipment for the reduction of paper consumption, traditional energy consumption, combustion vehicles, among many other actions and starting from the inside out, involving its stakeholders, the company seeks for everyone to have a strong commitment to this mission.

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