Programa VINCI para a Cidadania awards diplomas to recent graduates in Social Care for Elderly People

Programa VINCI para a Cidadania visited the Associação Emergência Social and handed the diplomas to the eight trainees who successfully completed the course on Social Care for Elderly People.

VINCI Energies

11 April 2022

Programa VINCI para a Cidadania awards diplomas to recent graduates in Social Care for Elderly People

Associação Emergência Social is a social solidarity institution located in Lisbon that has been involved for over 15 years in degraded neighborhoods on the outskirts of Lisbon. Since its foundation, the association has sought to fight poverty and social exclusion, helping the most disadvantaged people to find meaning in their lives.

With the aim of training young people and/or adults, with or without professional experience, to provide qualified services in the area of ​​care for the elderly, Associação Emergência Social, has made available a technical-educational course on Social Care for Elderly People, carried out by the Associação Portuguesa de Cultura e Desenvolvimento (APCD), for the local community. The training took place between October 11th, 2021 and March 31st, 2022 and covered topics such as the psychology of the elderly, hygiene and comfort care, food and medication.

No matter how adverse were the circumstances where people were born, they can always have a different attitude. This attitude can be changed, above all, with friendship and with its bonds that are created with people.
Paula Pimentel – President – Associação Emergência Social

The project, launched by Associação Emergência Social, in favor of professional training and access to employment, was one of the different initiatives by social solidarity institutions in Portugal, supported by Programa VINCI para a Cidadania. Since 2019, when the program was launched in Portugal, dozens of initiatives have already been supported, not only in the area of ​​access to employment, but also in the areas of inclusive mobility, integration through housing and building better communities.

On April 7 th, Programa VINCI para a Cidadania visited the Associação Emergência Social, to meet the newly graduated students in the Social Care for Elderly People course and to deliver their diplomas, which marked the conclusion of this important stage. This ceremony was attended by Pedro Afonso, CEO of VINCI Energies Portugal and Magda Faria, Head of Safety and CSR at VINCI Energies Portugal, as representatives of Programa VINCI para a Cidadania, as well as the presence of Paula Pimentel, President of Associação Emergência Social and Alberto Cervera, CFO at Sotécnica and sponsor of the project.

I feel a huge accomplishment and satisfaction. I think the Programa VINCI para a Cidadania has achieved its goals!
Alberto Cervera – CFO – Sotécnica

Today, eight graduates who have successfully completed their technical-professional training are able to provide social care to the senior population and are motivated to embrace new professional challenges!

Programa VINCI para a Cidadania results from the joint commitment of ANA Aeroportos de Portugal | VINCI Airports, VINCI Energies Portugal and Foundation VINCI pour la Cité to contribute to the inclusive and sustainable progress and development of local communities.

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