Sotécnica and VINCI Facilities will be present at Semana Aeroespacial 2023

Sotécnica together with VINCI Facilities will be present on March 15th and 16th at the event Semana Aeroespacial 2023, helded in Instituto Superior Técnico.

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14 March 2023

Sotécnica and VINCI Facilities will be present at Semana Aeroespacial 2023

Semana Aeroespacial is an event organized by AeroTéc – Técnico’s Aerospace Engineering Students Nucleus – which allows students from Instituto Superior Técnico to get in touch with companies in the Aeronautical/Aerospace sector

This is a great opportunity for all participants to get to know the new solutions and trends in the sector and to interact with the main experts in the field!

In the group of speakers representing our brands, we will have the participation of André Parente, Executive Director; Beatriz Crisóstomo, Brand Communication Designer; Bruno Coelho, Project Manager; Cátia Margarido, Head of Environment; Mário Gomes, Project Manager; Mónica Silva, Project Manager; Tânia Moreira, HR Talent Development – HR Partner and Tiago Mendes, Commercial Manager.


Tânia Moreira, HR Talent Development – Sotécnica and VINCI Facilities HR Partner, together with Bruno Coelho, Project Manager from VINCI Facilities, will participate in the Roundtables on March 16th.

A moment of professional, customized and dynamic contact between companies and students.

Participants may circulate around the tables, networking and exchanging CVs with each company, with the purpose of facilitating future professional interactions.

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