Buildings and Commercial Areas


Bank of Mozambique’s new Head Office

Production of electrical switchboards and technical installations at the new headquarters of the Bank of Mozambique

Sotécnica group, through SotMoz, Actemium and Sotécnica itself, participated in the last phase of the Bank of Mozambique’s construction works.

In this project of enormous relevance in the Mozambican market, Sotécnica ensured the realization of:

  • 247 electrical switchboards and 54 boards for technical management;
  • Siemens S4 boards, 7 QGBTs with 4000A buses and with ATS commanded by automata installed in the boards themselves;
  • Input and output of QGBTs in Siemens prefabricated conduit;
  • Electrification of 54 boards for technical management with more than 2.000 relays, about 13.000 terminals and more than 10 I/O;
  • Installations of about 930 KNX modules on all partial boards.


Alongside the production of electrical switchboards and their installation, Sotécnica group was also responsible for the electrical installations of:

  • Transformation stations;
  • Group generators and static UPS;
  • General feeders, sockets, equipment and cable paths;
  • Prefabricated buses (Busbar);
  • Faraday’s cage and Earthing System;
  • Normal and safety lighting;
  • Obstacle signaling system to air navigation;
  • Fire sealing.


At the level of the telecommunications and security installations, it was ensured the installation of:

  • Automatic fire, gas and carbon monoxide detection system;
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system and fire safety (extinguishers and signaling);
  • Emergency sound system;
  • Access system for doors and tourniquets;
  • CFTV system, security communications, video intercom, fixed and radio intercom;
  • Automatic system against theft and intrusion;
  • Centralized technical management system;
  • Access control, centralized clocks and car park management;
  • Datacenter and communication equipment and network systems;
  • Audiovisual and sound masking system in the open spaces.


The 3 buildings that make up the new head office, which occupies a total area of 87,500m2, were inaugurated in July 2017 by the President of Mozambique.