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Champalimaud Foundation – Research Centre for the Unknown

Multi-technical installations at the Scientific Research Centre

The Champalimaud Research Centre for the Unknown is a multidisciplinary, translational and reference scientific research center in the field of biomedicine, belonging to Champalimaud Foundation. This center guarantees the ideal conditions for researchers and academic students to develop projects of excellence with clinical application in the areas of neurosciences and oncology.

Sotécnica embraced this project, being for the general installations to the level of lighting, security and communications. These works included:

  • Electrical Switchboards (OKKEN);
  • Switchboard supply network;
  • Network of emergency call points;
  • Sockets, equipment supply and uninterruptible power supply unit;
  • Normal, decorative (indoor and outdoor) and safety lighting and the automatic lighting control system;
  • Atmospheric discharge protection system
  • Automatic detection as well as intrusion, fire and combustible gas alarms;
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • CFTV and access control system;
  • Integrated hazard management system;
  • Telecommunications infrastructures;
  • Sectioning and transformation station;
  • Emergency and auxiliary call system;
  • Structured wiring network;
  • Medium voltage network;
  • Edstrom Systems for lighting controls, rack ventilation controls and main solenoid.


Champalimaud Research Center for the Unknown is located in the riverside area of ​​Pedrouços, in Lisbon.

This complex includes two buildings, the first with research laboratories, administrative services and areas of diagnosis and treatment (building A) and the second to which are part the auditorium, the restaurant, the exhibitions area and the Foundation’s offices (building B). These buildings communicate with each other through an open space with panoramic gardens and an outdoor amphitheater open to the public.