Oil and Gas


Galp Energia Refinery in Sines

Renovation of electrical switchboards in transformation stations

Galp’s refinery in Sines is the second largest in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the largest in Europe. This unit consists of 3 factories that produce, among others, diesel, gasoline, jet, naptha, sulfur and liquefied gas.

In this project, with an end planned for 2020, Sotécnica was responsible for:

  • Replacing existing tables in 3 transformation stations;
  • Construction of 5 new MCCs and their installation with cable connection and fire sealing;
  • Production of OKKEN IS333, 4b form, with tinned bus for 4000A, which comprise about 564 drawers with intelligent motor protection relays connected by communication to automata;
  • Installation of automata on the switchboards for integration into the DCS of the refinery;
  • Intakes by prefabricated piping;
  • Detection and protection of the electric arc by fibre and VAMP equipments.