Sotécnica awarded by the Municipality of Loures

In the year in which celebrates its 70th anniversary of existence, Sotécnica – one of the most recognized brands of VINCI Energies in Portugal, dedicated to the Energy Transition – receives the "Galardão de Mérito Empresarial", a merit award from the Municipality of Loures.

24 Jun 2021

This award is promoted annually by the Municipality of Loures, and aims to reward companies who contribute to the development of the municipality, through the creation of wealth, value and employment, and stand out for their business actions in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurial capacity, responsible human resources management, internationalization, investment, social responsibility, cooperation and the environmental dimension.

Today, Sotécnica is a service player specializing in engineering and multi-technical solutions for the energy sector. It is a brand of Portuguese origins, leader in smart building solutions, with the reputation of 70 years of operation in Portugal and abroad, in reference projects, always dealing with the paradigm of the Energy Transition. It is present in mainland Portugal, in the Autonomous Regions and in Mozambique. It was in the ecosystem of this large collective of professionals that other brands of the group – such as Actemium, Omexom or VINCI Facilities – developed, embracing, however, their own sectors and expertise, with the same standards of technical and management excellence that the Group has always accustomed all its stakeholders.

“The presence and impact of VINCI Energies in Portugal owes much to Sotécnica. More than a business asset, what the Group has found in Portugal since 2005 was a team of top professionals, with recognized technical competence and, essentially, of enormous human dimension, with great economic and social awareness in the communities in which it operates. It is up to me the honor to serve and, above all, to recognize such a legacy. The challenge of leading and creating the conditions for these teams to continue in the development of the sector, in Portugal and all over the world, at a critical moment for the Climate Transition, is a great privilege.”

Pedro Afonso CEO, VINCI Energies Portugal

And he adds:

“recognition is a motto that we incorporate and encourage in our culture. Seeing these women and men, as well as this business model, recognized for their impact on the municipality that hosts its headquarters, can only make us proud. It makes us believe that empowerment, entrepreneurship, responsibility, solidarity and trust are, in fact, the right values for a more human future and a more sustainable society.”

Pedro Afonso CEO , VINCI Energies Portugal

“I congratulate Sotécnica on the success of its candidacy for the "Galardão de Mérito Empresarial". I was not surprised! This is a company that has got us used to high standards of quality and innovation, particularly in areas that are currently structural challenges, namely in the climate transition and the digital transition. Its advanced work on the sustainability of buildings and their intelligent operation is, moreover, clearly evident in the company's new building, at whose inauguration, in June 2019, I had the pleasure of being present. A company that has more and more a global projection, even for its integration, since 2015, in VINCI Energies. I am also pleased to note that Sotécnica is a company that is involved with community entities, namely with local authorities, in particular with the Municipality of Loures. An example of this is its participation in AMEAL (Agência Municipal de Energia e Ambiente de Loures), or its commitment in promoting a sustainable and inclusive development. Congratulations!"

Bernardino Soares Mayor of Loures, comments:

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